Friday, February 11, 2011

And so it begins...Living room "Befores"

This is what our living room looked like the day we moved in!

I remember standing in the middle of it right after we signed closing papers and being SO excited.  I have wanted a house of my own since I can remember, some little girls want dolls, I wanted a house!  When I walked in here I saw nothing but potential...then reality started setting in.  There was almost no surface in the entire house (ceilings included) that didn't need a LOT of work!  It still intimidates me to think of everything that needs doin' around here!

It is, obviously, the first room you see when you come inside.  Someone had taken the time to apply a "technique" to the walls, probably to cover the unevenness of old walls.  Unfortunately it hadn't turned out too well, there were huge splotches of brown paint thrown at the wall, ending a few inches from the ceiling and the floor.  

There wasn't really much to this room, it had two small windows, the front door and two doorways to other rooms.  It's very small for modern living rooms, but at the time it was built this was considered a "parlor."  There was no architecture to speak of and the paint color made it seem tiny and dismal.  The previous owner had large dogs so the (unfinished) back of the door was covered in deep gouges up past the doorknob!  All the hardware was shiny brass, and I mean ALL the hardware... doorknobs, outlet covers, switchplates and even the nails in the walls, Mmmmm.

The floors were the one nice thing this room had going for it, unfortunately they had lost the wax sealant years ago and were unfinished.  There was some gouging and bleaching but nothing too bad, unfortunately in the last year and a half we have caused them even more damage with the constant projects!  We're hoping to have them refinished soon but that's another story.

Since these pictures we have painted, painted, and painted again, put up trim, moved in the furniture, hung curtains and solved the "no fireplace" dilemma!

Stay tuned for some living room "afters"!

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  1. whoaaaaaa that is SOME treatment going on there...


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