Thursday, February 17, 2011

Meet a Furbaby!

It's about time I introduced you to the tiniest member of our family!  Allen and I both grew up with pets and one of the first things we did after we got married was find our own little ones.  It should be pointed out that Allen brought to our relationship a tradition of naming his animals after other animals (a fish named understand).  Our first pet came to us about a month after the wedding, we really missed having something fuzzy scampering around so we headed to a no-kill shelter in the next town over to see who was there.  This place was quite amazing, the whole upper story was dedicated to cats, and they were EVERYWHERE!  Of course when you think of it that way it sounds horrible with dirt and grime and sick cats hanging all over the place but it was actually completely clean, organized and fresh with cats happily purring in their beds and stretching in the sun.  I have to really commend the care given to these animals, all spayed/neutered and up to date on all shots, I was highly impressed!

So we're walking through rooms and rooms of cats and kittens to see if one gives us the "vibe".  I was looking for a girl-cat since that's all I'd ever had, Allen was a little more open-minded but I was set and determined to have a little girl.  There were some beautiful girl cats there but none of them seemed a good match for us, then we walked into another room of cages and beds and the first thing we noticed was a peaches and cream cat lying in one of the deep windowsills.  We noticed him because the second we walked in the room he stood up with a trill and jumped down from the window to run over to us and start rubbing all over our legs.  I didn't know what to think at first, this cat was not a girl, was not particularly beautiful and didn't seem to have anything attractive about him, but he would not stop purring and couldn't have been any sweeter.  Once I picked him up the decision was made... kitty love.  So we wrote the check and brought him home!  We decided to name him Bugs Bunny, but we just call him "Bugs"... it sounds weird when you tell people what your cat's name is but we liked it :).

Let me tell you, that cat did not stop purring the entire first month he was with us, I think he purred through his sleep!  There was a point where I was hearing the buzz even when I wasn't home, it gets in your head after a while.

He has all the personality and curiosity of a cat with all the affection and attitude of a dog. 

I. love. him.

He's the sweetest, friendliest little one there ever was and he has brought us nothing but joy (punctuated with small moments of crashing and shouting).  It's amazing how much pets can add to your life!


  1. Your kitty is gorgeous, and just looking into his eyes you can tell he has a great personality. Furbabies make a house a home. My 13-year-old collie passed away a couple of years ago, and it was the first time I was ever completely alone since my husband passed away in 2000. I could not believe how deathly still the house was but my work hours were very long plus the commute was an hour each way so I didn't think it was fair to a new dog to leave it alone so much and dog walker services here are as much as a big car payment. Long story short, less than 6 months later I adopted the sweetest pit bull from a shelter and hooked up with the greatest dog walker/sitter service. One of the best decisions I ever made. She is now about 4-1/2 and the light of my life. Oh, and she is the silver lining of my retirement earlier than planned (corp reorg last June)so now I am thoroughly enjoying her every day all day.

  2. I think your kittie is adorable! Love the upside down heart over his nose. It is funny the way the animals pick us. I never thought I would ever have a cat, much less a cat that doesn't want to be picked up and loved. And his name: Tom - from Tom & Jerry. So Bugs Bunny sounds perfect!

  3. Furbaby!!! That 2nd picture is adorable - he looks like the cat from Shrek with his big doleful eyes.....such a cutie!!

  4. Thank you for your comments :) It's unbelievable just how important these little ones become in your life!

    Marti, I love you just need find another to be Jerry!

  5. omg... I have tears in my eyes- do you know what i call ella?? BUGS BUNNY (amongst about 100 other love names!) I love this kitty. What a beautiful face he has. ella would love to play with him- she luvs cats.
    so happy for all of you that you found each other. (actually I think bugs picked you!)

    hugs to all,

  6. Joan, That is unbelievable! I would LOVE for him and Ella to meet, and you're right, he absolutely picked me! I don't know what I would do without him now :)


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