Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Now it gets ugly...the basement

*Cue creepy music*
This is how the basement looked the day we moved in...

...and this is how it looked after we moved in.

Not much better, right?  This basement had to be one of the worst ones ever!  It had a sagging, dropped ceiling at about 6.5 feet high.  There was a faux wood beadboard wainscoting and musty, industrial carpeting over concrete.  The windows were mostly covered by the ceiling and there was no lighting except for three fluorescent lights.  It did have a gas corner fireplace but it was so ugly we tried to hide it under a pile of stuff (pilot's off, no worries!).

I can't wait to show you how the basement looks now, trust me, if you think your basement is beyond help and you're on a budget I'll show you how to make it the best room in your house!  We have transformed this space into a family room, game room and guest room, stick around for the reveal and some great tips on using your space efficiently!


  1. everyone should take better advantage of their basement spaces - it's a whole extra floor to have fun decorating!

  2. Where is the after? I'd love to see what you did with the ceiling.


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