Monday, February 28, 2011

Sled shelves!

Picture-heavy post coming your way today!  

Lately have you been looking wistfully at your Christmas sled...the last remaining piece of your winter decor that soon must come down but it's just so darn cute you don't want it to?  Well boy have we got the solution for you (que infomercial man voice)!

Here's watcha do:
Take all the christmassy decor off your sled till its down to its beautiful, vintage, bare bones.
The hubby bought me this one for Valentine's Day, he found it at one of our favorite antique places (if you don't have one, now is the time to look, they're probably on sale!)

Now stand it up and turn it around...see if you like how it looks.
Hmmm, I like it!

Now see if your sled has supports in it that could hold a shelf.
If it doesn't have "convenient" ones it wouldn't be too hard to support the shelves with some simple "L" brackets. 

Now take your measurements of length, depth and width...or make yourself a paper template of the size and shape your shelf should be.  Then cut it out using almost anything you've got, shop saw, jig saw, circular saw, kitchen knife (just kidding:).  We used super-cheap particle board but it would be easier with a 1 x 6 board, depending on the size of your sled.

Make sure it fits, there is no need to screw them in or anything, the runners of the sled should hold them securely.

Now paint!  Spray paint works really well for this project,  I painted ours with Krylon's matte black to match the runners on the sled.  You could also decoupage, wallpaper or cover them with sheet music, newspaper or fabric as well!

Now decorate it for Spring (because if we all do it, somehow that will make it come faster!).

Voila!  There you have it, keep your beautiful sled out all year.  It's unique and graphic shape will give you a conversation piece for next winter just take everything off of it and launch it down a hill! 


  1. I love posts with pictures - the more the merrier!! super cute shelf, I love the clay pot! :)

  2. Clever idea! I love all things horn and have a mean magnifying glass collection!!


  3. OH This is a darling idea. Thanks for sharing.

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  5. My home is decorated in a "tattered beach cottage" style, and I LOVE this!! I'm going to have to eBay an old sled since I live in sunny (and snow-less) Southern California. But once I have it, I'm going to do this and paint it white to look like an old cottage picket fence (or something, because that's what it looks like to me!) Thank you for a nice tutorial!!

  6. Lovely! Middle shelf is my favorite for some reason, but I love the nest and books, too.


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