Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sneak Peak, Living Room!

As promised, here are some updated pictures of our living room.

Now, to disclaim!  These are pictures from right after we tackled the living room for the first time, the furniture layout needs some work as well as (obviously) accessories and details.

This is my dad, he's amazing!  He used to be a painter years ago and has been wonderful to help us transform this place.

You can see the switchplate cover isn't even on yet!



Obviously the mantel and coffee table need some serious work, but you get the general idea!

This room had no fireplace or focal point of any type so we solved that problem by installing an electric fireplace.  Now, before the inevitable objections please consider, this is the center of our house and quotes to put in a wood burning fireplace or (vented) gas one were astronomical.  This solution gave us a focal point, a reasonably realistic ambient fire and a surface to decorate!  Also, it was last year's model so it was tiny $.  If you're in the market for any kind of fireplace NOW IS THE TIME!  There are lots of end of season sales on these items.

We added some detail to the walls with a simple profile chair rail, painted the color of the trim.  We made the room appear slightly taller by painting a darker color below the chair rail and a lighter one above.  The paint colors we used were "Modest Silver" and "London Coach" both by Valspar.  

Many more details on this room and genuine "after" pictures to come!


  1. OH WOW Is that a purple front door I see?? LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! I also like your faux fireplace. We are lucky to be able to do ventless gas heater here and it is like a small fireplace on the wall. No mantel or built in around it. We do enjoy seeing the flame and our central furnace has not come on since we installed the ventless.

    I love your after look. So calming.


  2. That wall color is just beautiful - you have great taste :)

  3. Thank you so much! Chris that is a purple front door :) I wasn't sure when I did it but I love how it looks when it's open in the living room.

  4. The front door is a fav for sure, especially with the wonderful contrast of the spring-green "E."


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