Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunroom "Befores!"

Happy Valentine's Day everybody, I hope you all did something out of the ordinary today!

Today I'm posting pictures of our Sunroom when we first moved in.  It's a unique sunroom in that it has virtually no direct sun!  It has windows on two walls but the exposure is FULL top it off it has no insulation in the roof and the central air doesn't reach out there so at this point it is really more of a three seasons room.

Originally it was a large covered porch that joined the house to the garage, so you can see above the original outdoor window from the kitchen, the back door, the vents from the original hood over the stove and the back porch light.  There is some beautiful old, routed, pine paneling on the walls of the house and garage.  

The new "walls" that closed the porch were finished with much cheaper paneling that is not the same color, width or profile as the old stuff.  To top it off is some cheap carpeting over cement, a fiberglass door to the backyard and a crooked hollow door to the garage.

The previous owner came back for the couch and hutch but they left the light fixture. :)  Thankfully the ceiling is beautiful, it is a dark paneling with large beams supporting it.  I love the strange architecture and I'm thrilled to have the extra space but this place was just full of challenges to keep it from looking like a hunting lodge (and not a charming lodge)!

We have put countless hours into making this room enjoyable, and learned tons of lessons along the way.  Stick around for the transformation of this room!


  1. I really enjoyed your lovely cottage, pics & thoughts. I'm a lurker on GardenWeb and love love love my antique Cape (circa 1805) on the CT shoreline so enjoy small older house musings. People either love my funky home or hate it, with its total lack of sleek modernism including very slopey floors and lack of closets. Looking forward to more blogging!

  2. Sharon, aren't capes the best? Yours sounds beautiful, on the shoreline...I can't imagine! Thanks for the encouragement, I hope some of my ideas will be helpful for you!

  3. well I certainly can't wait to see what the after pictures look like!! Great blank slate to work with.

  4. I think this room has tons of potential! love it!



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