Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What happens when...

...you mix two things that shouldn't go together?

This is an idea my friend Deidre had.  She mixes half a glass of orange juice (you can see I'm almost out!) with half a glass of vanilla soy milk.  When she first told me about it you can bet I looked something like this...
But you never know until you try...so I did, you know what, it wasn't that bad!  It tastes a lot like a dreamsicle, but in a yummy, frothy, refreshing drink instead!

It may not become your new favorite, but you never know!  Give it a shot, if you don't have vanilla soymilk you can add a little vanilla extract to regular soymilk.

You can feel good about starting your day with something healthy and delicious, my bet is that kids would LOVE this, just don't tell them what's in it!


  1. Testing, Testing, 1,2,3, Testing. Hi E.

  2. tried it, pretty good!

  3. yum!! your friend must be some sort of mad genius!

  4. i think it sounds really good! now, why didn't I think of this!

  5. This was actually strangely delicious. Now I want to add ice cream and make it a shake!


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