Thursday, March 24, 2011

Couch SOS!

Okay so today I am hoping that I can get some advice on a subject that I am completely unfamiliar with!  I need to buy a couch...

You would assume that since I'm living in a 'fully' furnished house I would have bought a couch before...but no!  Actually, I have never bought a new upholstered piece of furniture in my whole life.  I have always been a staunch "find and redo" kind of girl and my taste is distinctly vintage/antique with the lyrical shapes and wood frames.  I have a problem now, here's the setup...

We spend 90% of our time in our den, which is really one of the house's bedrooms.  In it right now is a loveseat waaaaaay older than me that is a hand-me-down from my mom, along with an 80's chaise that also predates me.  Both have reached the end of their life in this house, I think the couch may just fall apart around me one of these days!  This is the room where I do my upholstery, watch TV and work online so whatever we get has to be SUPER durable.  Also, it needs to be more comfortable than vintage couches tend to be (no wooden arms etc.), Allen likes to fall asleep a lot earlier in the evening than I do so he needs a spot to actually be able to sleep while I'm still "up and at 'em."

Ideally I would love a white, slipcovered sofa with a pleated skirt and little legs sticking out but I can't find any options with pleats that are affordable.  If you know of any please send them my way!

Here are some actual options that I've found, all I know is I'm thinking value!

Harrison Slipcover Sofa
Overstock - $450
Ektorp Sofa
IKEA - $400
Hovas Sofa
IKEA - $500

Told you!  I only have three options because I really don't know how to shop for furniture!  I'm not sure what stores are out there but I'll keep looking.  I'm asking for any opinions or ideas here!  

Also I should mention, I have thought of finding a "modern" sofa on craigslist and slipcovering it myself with pleats etc. but I am not a seamstress and that is a project  that I consider way out of my skill set!

Thanks for your help!

Ps. If you'd rather... :)


  1. my favorite is the 2nd one - I like the idea of making your own slip cover for just a "regular" couch though, that way when it inevitably gets spilled on, a throw in the wash won't be so traumatic. Can't wait to see what you choose ;)

  2. Modern Furniture Warehouse delivering at Very affordable and an amazing furniture piece to me. They are very awesome. I'll definitely buy another product from them.

  3. belly, thank you for the tip, I'm off to browse!

  4. my thought = old couch, new slip cover. i know someone who's pretty darn good at costum slip covers, if you're interested... ;)

  5. gees, custom, not costum. haha.


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