Monday, March 7, 2011

Enter Pidge...

This is Pidge, our two-year-old sheltie puppy.  She is all fluff, all bark, all bad and we love her oh so much! 

Her full name is Pigeon (in the family tradition) but that's just too many syllables so we call her Pidge.  She is one of the sweetest puppies ever to wake you up with gunbursts of barking only to jump on the bed and make sure you're ok afterward.  We call her our "shadow puppy" because no matter what we're doing in the house, she's right there making sure she's part of it!

We got Pidge the first year we were married, a few months after we found Bugs (read about him here).  You may ask, how well do they get along?

Oh. my. goodness.
You have never seen two disparate animals play this way.

They have decided the most fun game in the whole world is for Pidge to stand on her back legs flailing on Bugs with her front ones while he's clinging to her undercarriage completely airborne as she whirls around.  It's like watching bull-riding, except underneath!  They invented this game though when Pidge was much smaller, I think sometimes Bugs is surprised she got so big!
We left Bugs with all his claws so we don't have much concern about them playing too hard.  If Pidge gets too uppity with him you'll hear a yelp and see her streaking through the house with this tiny peaches and cream streak chasing after her.

When we got her I had spent literally months, probably at least half a year, researching everything I could ever need to know about raising a puppy.  We were crate-training her, feeding her better than ourselves, and she would never sleep in our bed etc.  Well, she got trained, went to obedience school, became the sweetest fuzzball in the world and now...
...she sleeps with me every night.  You knew that was coming right?

She's definitely large for a sheltie, I've never seen a female her size but it's just as well...more to love!  She is a pathological barker (as shelties tend to be), she just really wants me to know anytime a leaf has moved, or heaven forbid...a squirrel.  Because of this we have a house policy never to let her in the backyard off of leash before 9:00am or after 9:00pm.  It means a lot of early morning standing out there (for Allen) demanding a "pottying" but at least we have good relationships with our neighbors!

We went on a fishing trip with Allen's family last summer, Pidge thought that was the most exciting thing ever.

She was sure to let us know anytime there was a fish...or a leaf.

I hope you've enjoyed meeting the fluffiest member of our family, I'm sure she'll keep popping up, there's always a story to tell about Pidge!  She's sleeping on the couch next to me, so I'll tell her you said hi!

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  1. I LOVE Pidge!! She is GORGEOUS! Ella would so love to play with her. I request a video of Pidge and Bugs playing!!

    Ella sends a wag!


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