Monday, March 14, 2011

Little room "before" coming atcha!

Our house is a three-bedroom cape and the smallest of these bedrooms is 8.5' x 9.5'... I challenge you to find a bedroom smaller than that!  Most master bedroom closets are larger than this room.  But wouldn't you know it, it's become one of our very favorite spots in the house...of course!  Since it doesn't have an obvious purpose we just began calling it the "little room" and so it remains today.

Because of the size, it warms up in about .2 seconds and is so comfy cozy, it's also bright and cheerful 90% of the day because the house next door is white and reflects all that southern light into its little windows.  We use it (loosely) as an office/studio, there is a desk in there but really I use it for a reading room, there isn't a pleasanter spot to sit and read than in the quiet back of the house.

This is how the room looked when we moved in.
It had the same "rag-rolled" technique on the walls as the living room had, but this time in blue.  There was a teddy bear wallpaper boarder at the top (which turned out to be a strange) and a tiiiiiny white and brass ceiling fan with some fabric scraps hanging down from it.  The curtains were encrusted with dust (you know, how they get when they've never been moved) and the window frames were cracked and broken.  Finally, the ceiling was splotchy and unfinished.

Since this room had so little obvious potential it became my furniture refinishing studio at first and eventually (as I began doing my work in one of the larger rooms) simply a repository for junk...any junk...all junk...everything we didn't know what to do with.  There were points where you couldn't open the door!
By the way, if you have one of these junk rooms, just clean it out.  Really, it's amazing the drag that it can be on your mind and what a waste of useable space!  Just dedicate a weekend and get all that stuff outa there!  You'll feel oh so much better.

That being said we probably lived with the clutter for a year, then I had a friend.  I've mentioned my friend Abby before (she helped me with the kitchen...friends for oh so long!) and she is an organizer and motivator extraordinaire.  Any time I need organizing help or motivation to attack something not fun she's there!  We had decided one day enough was enough and while Allen was at work we went through the entire room of stuff along with the closet as well.  It was monumental, and as if that wasn't enough the next day we ripped down the wallpaper border and painted the walls and the ceiling.  We were able to keep it a secret from Allen because the door was always closed anyway.  We changed the lighting and re-staged the room as a big surprise to the hubby who was dreading having to tackle this room with me!

The COMPLETELY different "after" is coming very very soon... I think the ENTIRE budget (furniture, paint and all fixtures included) was about $300 so stick around!


  1. What a friend! You're right too, a cluttered room is a drain both mentally and physically.

  2. Marti, you're right, she is an AWESOME friend, heaven knows I wouldn't have been able to get all that done without her :)

  3. That's right, I AM the world's best friend, lol. To really appreciate what this room looked like before, take picture #2, triple the clutter, and spill five boxes of staples on the floor.;)

    Can't wait to see the 'afters'!


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