Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My chalkboard door...and the big 2-5!

I was raised in the land of "waste not want not," hence whenever I have a project in mind I look around to see what I already have that I can use.  Last summer I was teaching art classes for some little girls in our church and I needed a chalkboard for our lessons.  Not wanting to spend the money for a new one, I took one of the cabinet doors from our old kitchen, spray painted the edges yellow and brushed the middle with some $5 chalkboard paint.  

This project couldn't be any easier, you can use the hinge hardware to simply hang it on the wall with nails.  I put $1.25 clearance knobs in the holes left from the old handle and added some clothespins (backed with sticky tack) to hold notes.  If you don't have a cabinet door hanging around, try Habitat for Humanity or a salvage store...usually odd ones will cost just a couple bucks.

In other news, yesterday was my beautiful hubby's twenty-fifth birthday!  He may be the sweetest, most caring man that ever walked this earth, I'm totally convinced that 25 will be the best year ever!

Happy birthday honey, I love you!


  1. I love your cabinet door chalkboard! It looks awesome and nothing's better than saving a few bucks to re-purpose an item! Great job! -Karen

  2. cutest chalkboard words ever!

  3. love the toast!

    happy belated birthday to the very handsome Allen!



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