Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring living room reveal!

I promised her so here she is!  Tons of pictures today.
Introducing...our living room all dressed for Spring!

The coffee table was a hand-me-down that was originally made in Chile, the blue couch was a $40 garage sale find.  The rug is a "wooly bully" rug from Lowes and the drop-arm chaise in front of the window I found at an antiques place in the country.  I haven't had an opportunity to reupholster it yet so it has throws covering it for the time being.

The curtains are white raw-silk from Bed Bath and Beyond and the mirrored "old-world" map on the wall is from TJ Maxx, along with the pillows on the couch.

These end tables are the only pieces of furniture I've ever bought new from a store, I got them back when Target had their "world bazaar"... man I miss that!  The candle holder is from IKEA, I filled the base with moss to earth it down a little bit.  The wax horse-bust was my grandma's, I always wanted it when I was little!

Pidge always knows when I'm taking pictures!  This is the other side of the room, the buffet, mirror and feathers stayed the same, I just changed up some of the accessories.

I finally decided to just put out my bottle collection, I think if you're displaying bottles they always need to be somewhere where they can catch the light and sparkle.  If they're in a dark corner they just look dingy, so clean up those bottles and get them on a window-sill!  The lady's brush was found at an antique shop, it has one of my grandma's embroidered hankies tucked under it.

The "wreath" is nothing more than some leftover rope tied into a small coil with some lavender hung over it.  I love wreaths over mirrors and this is a super unique (and super cheap!) alternative.

Usually I don't like little figurines etc. but I found this tiny horse at a Goodwill for 25 cents and liked how clean and graphic it was.

Now to the fireplace wall...the sconces were a big splurge from Anthropologie, I have a small magnifying glass collection and loved these as soon as I saw them.  The mirror was a big save from an antique mall 45 minutes away!

I like cluttered mantels, what can I say?

I found the boat at TJ Maxx last year and couldn't pass it up.  The candlesticks were from Goodwill, I've left them tarnished because I like the patina...I also put some sheet moss on the bobeche to add some green.

The L-O-V-E letters were found in Hobby Lobby's clearance bin.

The antlers were a gift from my father-in-law, he grew up in Louisiana and hunting is how he helped provide for his family when they were growing up.  I covered the trophy board with burlap to soften it and gave the antlers a little peat moss for Spring.

I love this coffee-table-scape!  It's just some vintage books from a nunnery across the river and a scale that I found in a tiny "dive" antique shop.  It's one of my favorite finds of all time, I love scales and this one was particularly interesting.  I covered one side with sheet moss and the little "weights" that came with it.  
The other side is a little nest made from peat moss with three little unfinished, cardboard eggs nestled in it.  That says Spring to me!

I hope you enjoyed this room, I really had fun putting it together.  It's amazing how a little change can really perk up your day and nothing is perkier than blooms and green and everything darling!

Please send me your Spring rooms!

For a "before and after" of this room visit here.


  1. The fireplace is the very best part - so so so pretty!

  2. Ah, Spring… =)

    Pieces I love: the boat, the wreath, the horse bust, the scale, the antlers, the sconces (so worth the splurge!), the mantel… you get the picture. I love how light and airy this room looks!


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