Friday, April 8, 2011

Curb Appeal Makeover Giveaway!

Well, I've never hosted a giveaway yet and thought it's just about time...

I'm sure many people are thinking about their exteriors nowadays with the weather warming up, so I am offering a full curb appeal virtual makeover!

Doesn't matter the style or material of your house or how extravagantly you want to change it, I'd love to work on it for you!

To "enter" just comment on this post before midnight on Monday.  A comment will get you one entry, if you click "follow me" you'll get another (current followers will get one automatically!) and if you email me to say hi you'll get three and a smile from me.

The winner will be announced Tuesday morning, and I'll need a clear picture of your home (larger is better) and a list of all your heart desires!

For other examples just check the post below this one!


  1. Sorry I have been missing your blog.Always enjoy it and just love what you have done in the before and after on this house.

    Going to have to do some catch up here.


  2. I would love for you to do this to my house!!


  3. Help me! I have the worst taste in home decor. :)

  4. Oh I could use your inspiration. :)

  5. My curb appeal is the worst on the block. It is a blank slate actually because there isn't any shrubs, flowers, grass or anything. I trully need help and can't afford to do it myself.

  6. Iam 46 been in my house for 16 years. just when me and my husband was getting to fix up our house his job closed down. 5 months later the bathroom inthe kids room start to lick down stairs in the kitchen leaving stains in the ceiling I need new carpet a hole new face lift i want color flooring I feel like sometimes things are not going right i work part time at a school witch is not enough money i had 2knee surgeies cant stan for long periods of time my husband have back problems my 3 daughters are college still living at home i want better things for my family. I would love a new curd appeal


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