Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Little Room "After" and the Giveaway Winner!

Ahhh the "Little Room," a 8.5' x9.5' bedroom that began its life with a rag rolled paint treatment and a teddy bear wallpaper border... this is how it looked the day we moved in.
Ceiling fan and curtains included of course!

Today it looks like this...
We made it into a reading room/study since we don't need a third bedroom for the time being.  We put up some crown moulding and painted the ceiling a lighter grey to make the new mouldings stand out.  The curtains are $4 cotton sheets from Walmart, I love how fresh and white they are!  I just used clips to hang them on the rods (with the larger hem folded over on top for texture) so they are no-sew, just mist with some water and let the wrinkles fall right out!  Allen found the desk next to a dumpster back when we lived in our apartment, it's solid wood with brass feet!

The medallion has a pretty beaded detail and was $5 on sale at Home Depot (plastic medallions are fine if you caulk around them and paint them by hand, they will look extremely similar to plaster).  The light fixture is from Lowes, I love the milk glass look but the candle covers were chrome...uck (you know how I feel about ugly candle covers)!  Easy fix, spray painting them with a matte primer in a beautiful dove grey, they blend right in.

I found this antique mirror at an auction for $3, I love love love the foggy patina of an old mirror!  The sewing machine was an antique mall find...I couldn't pass up the graphic "FREE WESTINGHOUSE" text and curvy shape.

Next to the desk lamp is a little glass perfume bottle (a Christmas present from my friend Abby) on a pile of books.  If you ever have something you love and want to use but it's too small in scale...just put it on a pile of books!  They will give it a more substantial look and besides they are adorable on their own.

In the opposite corner is a little antique birdhouse with some vintage prints.

I love the carriage and the silhouette motif!  We use roofing nails to hang everything, I like their big galvanized heads.

Across the room, hanging over a chaise, is our chalkboard door.  I tried to keep a "vintage lady" feeling throughout this room, it definitely errs on the feminine side!

I found these doorknob backplates at a garage sale, salvage pieces are always so interesting to display.  The seat below is an old tractor seat made into a stool...mom thinks it's the most comfortable seat in the house!

The rug is a gift from my Grandma, it was up in her attic with the Christmas lights!  She says every time I sit on it it's a hug from her...I love it.

There you have it!  The whole makeover was under $300 and took about two days, I love spending time in this room now.  It's on the north side of the house but it gets so much reflected light that it's bright and sunny all day long!

Now for the Giveaway Winner!

So through my highly technological system of names written on paper, the winner chosen at random is...
Samantha Severns!

Congrats!  Please send your picture to greystables@gmail.com.

Stick around to see her curb appeal makeover.


  1. You have a gorgeous new blog! I would love for you to join me in my newbie party going on now.

  2. I just adore this room! such charm.


    p.s. have you tried taking the sewing machine to a repair shop and seeing if they could add another cord? they are dreamy to sew with and I think you would love it!!

  3. yay cutest little room ever - so cozy, so sweet.

  4. I love how you did this room! What is the name of paint color you used? And also..do you know what color stain your wood floors are? We just purchased a small 1950 home and are renovating and LOVe your look! We would appreciate any info you can give :-) Megan

  5. Megan,
    I'm afraid I won't be too much help to you! The grey is a color I mixed from some that we had and a quart of something darker. I'd call it a medium grey that leans slightly blue...our floors are their raw oak color right now, no stain at all! We're hoping to get them done a little darker soon though!

    Good luck with your reno, these 1950's houses are special!

  6. Awe, what a dreamy little room. Seems like a perfect nap room as well! :) I found your blog while searching for walmart sheet curtains & love the way yours look & great tips. Oh & I too would also love the paint formula so if you ever need the match for other projects, homedepot will match & you can ask for the formula numbers, just in case :)hehe Thanks for all of your beautiful pics & ideas!


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