Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh how did I manage without you?

So this past loooong weekend I experienced the saga that everyone must go through some time in their life...
my little computer died.

Now, a good preface to this is that this computer is an Apple (only way to go IMO :) and it is only 2 years old!  So we called the Apple fixit people who steered us to our local fixit place and we dropped her off.  

Holding our breath, fiiiiiinally we got the diagnosis, the good news: nothing was wrong with the computer!  Bad news: it needed a new piece for the screen.  Next day it was replaced and Allen brought her home to me.  I opened the lid, turned it on  Exact same problem.

This was Saturday so we had to wait until Monday to call the repair guy back.  He was pretty sure the new piece had just gone loose, so he reinstalled it and Allen went to pick it up.  It had been working all day so we had high hopes, then when he picked  

What the heck?

By this time we're all frustrated, the fixit guy said there was oooooooooone laaaaaaaast thing he could try but he was pretty stymied.  No good.  

Then yesterday Allen triumphantly brought my little Apple home, with a new front plate thingamajiggy, and chock full of updates.  We opened the lid and...
She's alive!

It's soooooo good to have her happily purring on my lap again, can you tell I'm attached?

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