Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One last decision...

It is Spring (officially, yay!) and thoughts have turned to curb appeal!  We have been contemplating replacing our siding for over a year now.  It is very old and is the cheapest, thinnest vinyl I think that has ever been on the market.  There are huge faded patches to the right of the door and parts of it are cracking and breaking off...hence the contemplation.

For the record, I have given this a LOT of thought and time.  I've looked (extensively) into vinyl, wood, shakes, brick, stone, aluminum, steel and fiber cement.  All of them have good points and bad, for a long time I was set on fiber cement but have grown to not trust it as a product for this area, though I'm sure it's a good thing in general :).  

Historically I have really disliked vinyl siding, I can spot it a mile away and even though it's very practical and reasonable (all things considered) I really wanted to avoid it at all costs.  Turns out, the costs are huge!  I have had quotes coming in over $20K just to side this tiny little house...unbelievable.

Then the other day Allen and I were walking in our favorite neighborhood playing "guess that siding" (these are the games we play :).  When we came to my favorite house (a cape style with a birch tree and dark blue shakes) I looked at it and wished I could afford siding like that.  Then it hit me...
*the shakes were vinyl*
I couldn't believe it!  I pay A LOT of attention to houses and I've looked at this house for years on walks and never even suspected that it was not authentic.  After this revelation my decision was made...we're going with vinyl shakes!

Now comes the color, I'm thinking we'll use Certainteed vinyl shake siding so I pulled some colors from their site and imposed them on the house, along with a few other tweaks that I've been musing about.  The roof is an assertive color so it's tricky to nail down just the right combination :)

This is how our house looks now.

Colonial White with cedar shutters.

Sterling Grey with cedar shutters.

Flagstone with white shutters.

Cypress with cedar shutters.

Blue with cedar shutters.

Pacific Blue with white shutters.

Autumn Yellow with white shutters.

More than you ever wanted to see right?

And I wonder why it's so hard to make a decision!

Can you tell I'm fishing for opinions?

Have any of you recently re-sided?


  1. Followed your link on Garden Web. I like the pacific blue best:-)

  2. pacific blue or flagstone!

  3. flagstone!! oh i love your site name!! do you have horses??

  4. I like the flagstone :)

  5. First choice: Pacific blue with white.
    Second choice: Flagstone with white. :)

  6. Definitely would go with the Flagstone!!

  7. I like the Pacific Blue, Flagstone, or Autumn Yellow. I didn't really narrow it, did I? Also, I like the corbels you put with the Sterling Gray.


  8. Flagstone--------

  9. I like the green personally.

  10. #1 Pacific Blue #2 Sterling Grey #3 Flagstone
    A dull blue/grey brings together the grass and the roof. And they'll hold up their contrast in the snow. The other colors throw off the balance.

  11. 1) pacific blue
    2) colonial white with cedar

    - justin e

  12. colonial white or pacific blue. for sure. no green.

  13. i like the flagstone with white shutters or the Pacific Blue with white shutters.

  14. The colonial white, the two blues, and the yellow are great IMO. I'm partial to the yellow/white scheme since that's what I'm currently painting my house.

  15. 1. Flagstone w/ white shutters
    2. Pacific Blue w/ white shutters

    I like those color combos, but I'm also just not a fan of yellow on a house. Some places it really works, but I tend not to choose yellow as ideal.

    (I work at SMI and Allen told us we should pop over here to vote.)

  16. Laura and I both like the second choice: Sterling Grey with cedar shutters. The yellow door is a perfect choice. Love it. -Barb

  17. Now that I see these pictures too, the Cypress is speaking to me. It looks good and you don't see it everywhere. But I still like the Pacific Blue with red door too. It's classic.

  18. Pacific Blue with red door is love! Your exterior definitely stands out with this color and gives off the impression of classic elegance. Although it doesn’t exude the warm effect that you desire, I know that it would look great during the night or winter just like what Michael U suggested. So, which one did you choose?

    Aubrey Mullins

  19. What siding did you eventually go with? I would have gone with either cypress with cedars or with blue with cedars. I think it is interesting to see the red door with either of those, but pacific blue sidings work really well too.

  20. These are all really interesting choices for new siding! I think the Colonial White would have been a safe choice to go with, especially since it makes all other colors really pop; but a red door would have looked divine with the Cypress siding. What siding did you choose in the end?

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