Monday, April 4, 2011

Parade of houses...Part 1

This weekend we drove out to Iowa to visit my Grandparents!  It was a wonderful trip, my aunt and uncle were there as well all the way from Norway.  It was so great to see everyone.  

My grandparent's neighborhood is a beautiful, old river-side niche with rolling hills and cottages next to palatial digs.  Their house is one of the oldest in the area but around it over the years beautiful, diverse houses were built.  One reason I LOVE this neighborhood is because of the hills, every single house is waaaaaay up on a hill.  Some have just flights and flights of stone steps leading to the front door.

Whenever we visit I have to ride around to see all the gorgeous architecture.

Please excuse picture quality as these were taken with a point-and-shoot through the window of a moving car.  :)

Ahh the bracketwork!

I love the door.

I love shake siding on colonials...beautiful.

This is my mom's favorite house in the area...those three dormers are overlooking the river and the lot is enormous!

This home is like a fairytale, all turrets and chimney pots...yumm.

I think this one is my favorite, the roof is a beautiful old slate and look at all the steps!

This is the house next to my Grandparent's house, it's a Tudor style with unbelievable half-timbering details.

This house is directly facing the river, I think it's a cutesy farmhouse to have right in the middle of all these formal styles!


Because our neighborhood was built on an old creekbed, it is much "hilly-er" than the rest of our flat town :).  Our house is one that is still on a slight causes us trouble with a sloping backyard and driveway snow in the winter but I love our house "set up" on a hill like a fancy house :).

I took so many pictures, I'll post the rest later!

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  1. I think my favorite is the fairy tale mansion, tucked away behind those evergreens. Close second is the farm house. What a delightful neighborhood!


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