Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Den "After"!

I told you it was coming soon!

This was our den the day we moved in...

Aaaaaaaand here's our after!
 The paint color is "Apple Green" by Eddie Bauer

 I found this stoveboard at an antique mall...I'm not sure yet what a stoveboard is but I love the old lettering.

 My poor old couch, hanging in there...this is the room that gets all of our mismatched, don't really like furniture in it.  That's one reason it's been such a challenge!

 The chaise is a hand-me-down from my parents.  While it is comfortable, I think it may be replaced at some point...it doesn't work very well for what we need, but at least it's interesting!

 Pidge always knows when I'm taking pictures!

I hope you enjoyed your whirlwind tour of our den!  I hesitated a little to show it to you because this was definitely our "step one" plan when we moved in...I'm thinking it will probably undergo a pretty significant redo in the near future!


  1. You already know how much I adore this room, but just had to say so again! I think that chaise has really cool lines!
    You forgot to mention that YOU painted the wonderful painting on the easel! Love seeing little Pidge posijng for the camera!

    hope you are well!

  2. haha "soon" is an understatement for how quickly this room was redone after this post. I can't wait for you to show off your amazing new den of awesomeness on the blog!

  3. Your place looks great! Here is a link to a site that explains a stoveboard... http://www.stoneyacresfarm.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=972&zenid=mau9o2mk44li7a4husjq2ba0j3

  4. Anonymous, thank you for that link! Finally I know what they are, what an interesting thing!


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