Monday, May 9, 2011

Parade of Homes...part 2

As promised!  These are the rest of the pictures I took on this trip to my Grandparent's neighborhood.

Please excuse picture quality as these were taken with a point-and-shoot through the window of a moving car.  :)

 This cape was just nestled in between all these large houses and trees...that's the beauty of a cape!

 This house just looks like it was made to overlook the river, which it does!

 This house is so large I could only get the courtyard.

 I love the chimney pots.

 This house is across the street from my Granparent's and their good friends live there.  I can't imagine all those stairs myself but the inside is just as charming and historical as the outside!

 This place is stunning with full masonry construction and a large porch behind it.

 This victorian was recently renovated, it is about twenty yards from the river.

Ahhhh the arched trellises.

I hope you enjoyed your whirlwind tour of Davenport!

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