Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The adventures of Mr. Bunn

Our neighborhood has a bunny problem.  Not just a normal bunny problem with the occasional destroyed hosta, we have so many bunnies that at any given time standing in the street, it is very likely you can see six or more bunnies at a time.

Pidge has been going out of her mind.

However, a few weeks ago when Pidge was outside I noticed she was being especially quiet, so I went out to check on her and found her nose deep in a hole in the back yard.  After I got her super excited self back inside I saw what she'd done, she'd dug up a bunny hole with babies probably about 30 hours old and dragged one out of the nest.  Pidge is so completely gentle that even in her excitement she didn't manage to kill the one tiny baby she pulled out so I called my friend Deidre who has been known to raise the odd damaged animal over the years....and by "called" I mean, screeched on the phone for her to get here right away, thank goodness we only live a mile apart!

I thought the baby Pidge had dragged out was dead because it was all bloody (you can imagine the freaking out right now) but it started twitching and wiggling so I put on some gardening gloves and got some of the grass and mom's bunny fur off of it.  It had a puncture on both sides of its head behind the eyes and its left ear was torn halfway off.  When Deidre got here we tried to clean the blood off with a Q-tip but it kept bleeding, I couldn't believe the baby could survive losing that much blood!  

Well we couldn't put it back in the nest to die and get blood on the other babies because the mom wouldn't come back so we put him in a shoebox, got some kitten formula and an eyedropper and Deidre took him home.

She took so much care of the little one, though we were positive it wouldn't survive the weekend.  It's nearly impossible to keep baby bunnies alive even when they haven't been partially mauled by a dog!  Deidre had him for two days and we named him Bunn.  After the two days he was healing well but not growing with the kitten formula so we decided to risk putting him back in the nest.  

We anxiously waited for the mom to come back and accept her new little one.  The next morning we saw the sticks we had put on the nest in an "X" had been moved and the mom had come back!  After that we checked on them every day and Bunn was doing great.  He was easy to recognize because his ear healed crooked and he was much smaller than his siblings.  

He was the last to leave the nest and we kept track of all the babies for a while, now I'm sure they're off making more babies to wreak havoc on my garden right now.

We kept Pidge away from them while they were babies, but now that they're grown up all bets are off!


  1. Awww, that is so sweet. I'm so glad the mother bunny came back and claimed him. Since we got the cat, our bunny population has gone way down, though I've never found any signs of bunny demise in our yard. As much as I don't want the bunnies eating my plants, I really like watching them hop around, and seeing their babies. Now squirrels are a different story entirely.

  2. Bunn lived to see another day and eat another plant! He was so cute and I still have NO idea how he survived. He was in death twitches and barely breathing and bleeding so much. Yay for bunny survival and repopulating!


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