Monday, June 13, 2011

Backyard Blues

Every house has it's sticking point.  The one thing that can't be fundamentally changed and you just have to work around.

Ours is our backyard.  In a neighborhood of moderately generous backyards our house is among a few that are situated in such a way as to have a pretty small backyard.  While it's super easy to take care of, for a girl who wants to raise chickens, have a vegetable garden and acres of space around her it's a little bit of a bummer.

It also has a three foot "rise" so when you walk out the back door you're just visually hit by the hill.  An impractical patio and no longer functioning french drain contribute to the yard looking choppy.

So we're planning, someday, to turn it into this...
(Please forgive VERY rough sketches!)

The other side of the yard.

We really want to add a small shed to get some storage since our garage is only a one-car.  Hopefully the retaining wall will have about three feet of planting bed on top for a summer veggie garden!  That back fence gets sun all day long so the veggies should be super happy.

There's one more little section of yard (forming an "L") next to the sunroom...I'm still working on this area but I'm thinking a patio of cobblestones, bricks or pavers and maybe a wisteria arbor!
(The chair in this picture is actually protecting Bunn's bunny nest).

This is a huge job that will probably require some heavy machinery that we do not own or know how to use but hopefully it won't be too long before we can get started back here!

Hope you're all enjoying your back yards this beautiful time of year!

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  1. this is amazing - now if only we could photoshop real life!!


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