Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Sophia Boudoir Chair

This boudoir chair has been by far my most popular chair on Etsy.  It's made tracks over blogland but it didn't have a glamourous beginning!  This is the journey of this chair from humble start to fabulous end...
I found this chair at a garage sale in town, it was very neglected with the welting peeling off and a dreadful fabric covering it.  The paint was so dingy I couldn't tell what color it really was.
This pic was a late-night camera phone attempt :)
After a thorough scrubbing the beautiful original finish came through in a stunning heavy cream and gold.  I chose a beautiful shantung silk (lined) to reupholster it in a peachy pink and tufted it to the original design.
The armrests were redone and replaced and then the back was put on, closing her up.  Silks are not forgiving so you have to be super careful.  The double welt on this piece is all custom made by yours truly.  I think it took longer than the whole rest of the chair put together but look what a "finished" look it gives!
Now this abandoned boudoir chair is a show-stopping beauty living in a start-up boutique shop in New England.

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