Friday, June 3, 2011

The view from where I sit.

Our neighborhood is a darling little cottage glen with small homes taken care of really really well.  


Everyone has one, the neighbor that doesn't necessarily 'revel' in their yardwork.  Our street's black sheep happens to be right next to our house.  It is oddly positioned as the corner house so it's backyard actually faces us.  

For a long time whenever we would look out of any of the bedroom windows all we would see is a barren wasteland, chippy foundation, brush piles, a bright blue hose, occasional trash and weeds growing taller than the air conditioner.  
So one day we (and by "we" I mean Allen) asked the owner (who, while not an avid gardener is a sweetheart) if we could plant a tree in his back yard.  To my surprise he was delighted!
This is where I wiiiiiiiiiiiish I had taken before pictures!

So we planted a magnolia
We used some rocks from our backyard french-drain to form a slight retaining wall.  This particular magnolia blooms yellow in the Spring, which is something I've never seen!  We made sure to position it perfectly to block the views from all our windows on that side of the house.

A few weeks passed and we mustered up the courage to ask if we could plant another tree.
He said yes!

So we planted a cherry toward the front of the property to ease the view from the street.

It is tiiiiiiny right now (hence cheeeeeep) but cherries grow like weeds!

That went so well we asked ooooone mooooore time...
...and our sweet neighbor told us we can do anything we want...can you say Eureka!!?

So we planted a serviceberry tree (the "bush" on the right)
and took a truck's worth of brush out of the back bed behind it.

We weeded the bed by the door and I found the shepherds hook standing vacant in the front yard.

We had to dig huge maple trees out of these beds.  We put a stone edging around them to try to keep the weeds at bay.  I found the trellis buried in a fern bed on the side of the house...thankfully it's in really good shape!

The other side of the air conditioner was completely empty.
So we divided two hostas that were hiding under those evergreens and planted them along the foundation.  One hosta was so large is divided into FIVE new ones!

He had a blue hose thrown over the gas meter so I found a huge, lightweight resin pot and sprayed it bronze.  Now it hides the hose so well!

It still needs some work but it's a million time better than it was before!

Some of the neighbors have gotten excited about sprucing it up and offered extra fertilizer, divided plants etc!
I have so many plans for this house (cutting down the dead tree in the front, painting doors and replacing light fixtures) but when it's not your house you really need to be dimey about spending money on it.  Pluuuus we haven't gotten permission to change the house yet, but maybe someday!



Pidge likes it better anyway...

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  1. Looks sooo much Better! Great Job!


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