Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunroom before and after!

Long post coming your way!

Today I want to introduce you to our sunroom.  It originally was a porch on the back of the house that the previous owner enclosed.  It was intended, I think, to be a family room but since our house's "dining room" was eliminated when we redid the kitchen we decided to make it for dining instead.

This is how it looked when we moved in.
 You can see it leads right into our kitchen.

 Even though technically it's a "sunroom" it was sooooo dark and heavy with the stained paneling.

The ceiling was the real beauty of this room, it's beautiful tongue and groove paneling with the beams spanning across it.

We made an initial attempt to live with the paneling... putting up a fan and trying to make a seating area.  In the end it was just too oppressive and "camp-ground-like" in for me.

So we gave it another shot.  Now it looks like this!

Even with the northern exposure the sun just bounces off the walls now!  We love this room and use it all the time.